We have four different tasting Sausages being perfectly seasoned products offering Great texture, great taste which completes your tasting spectrum, encompassing the total experience to your palette, all served on a fresh roll with onions and sauerkraut.


They are all made on the sunshine coast by a dedicated professional manufacture which ensure our produce is fresh and delicious!


We have been asked what the favourite Sausageis and you have to try them all to find out as they are all different and they are all a surprise with lasting enjoyment.


Spicy Knackwurst

Warm to the palette with spices that elevate your taste buds but not over take you senses that you can’t enjoy your dining experience.


Mild Bratwurst

Made for everyone with a distinct taste that will surprises the taste buds and give the diner a great eating experience.


Cheese Kranski

A big taste for with cheese infused throughout the sausage with different spices to add to the eating experience.


Smoked Brockwurst

Double smoked as we call it as it is in the smoke house for a week giving it a unique light but vibrant taste.  Can you taste the smoke? No.  Does it add to the flavour? Very much so.